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Forte - Pure - Natural Organic Olive Oil from Ancient Trees

In a small Medieval Village South of Rome, from November to January, there is a flurry of excitement as almost everyone picks olives from the surrounding trees. Here, in the Palazzo italiano’s grove we take our hand picked olives to be crushed locally, then bring home our Ancient Organic Olive Oil.

Now a little bit of information you may not know, (This is where the aromathery bit comes in handy!) We know Palazzo Italiano oil is great for your insides, but it can be extremely effective if used on the outside, helping the body nourish the skin, keeping it soft and supple. plus, as an occasional treatment for your hair our oil will give it a luxurious weight, and condition. What’s more did you know Olive oil has a therapeutic, balancing effect on your mind and body.  As a product our pure organic olive oil tastes exquisite, but why stop there? something this good, this natural deserves to be used to help keep our body inside and out in tip top condition…Why put a product on your body if its not pure enough to eat?…Think about it….smile

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The Palazzo Italiano Olive Grove Family

In this small Medieval Village South of Rome,  November  to January are important months. Everywhere you look you’ll see Olive Trees, everyone picks olives. You can pick olives, by hand, Palazzo Italiano olives, then visit your olives being crushed, locally,. This is a unique opportunity to be part of this age old procedure, enabling you to bring home a unique ancient olive oil, for your friends & family to enjoy.

The olives’ are cold pressed, once, to give beautiful Virgin Olive Oil.   

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The Olive Grove.

Hand Picked Natural Organic Virgin Olive Oil

From the hillside of the Abruzzi Mountains, fed by underwater ground springs and thunderstorm rain, grows our organic olive trees.

Left to grow and mature alone as nature intended these olive trees are only being pruned and picked now by proprietors Nicolina Forte and Peter Taylor.  These trees are between 40 and 140 years old.  There are only 400 trees.  Each tree is hand combed in November to retrieve the multitude of fresh olives growing on their branches.

This magnificent oil has a balancing effect on our systems.

Whether cooking with, or drizzling over a salad, Palazzo Italiano Organic Olive Oil will not clog your arteries.  It will help you to stay healthy, while enjoying the delecious, slightly peppery, taste of the natural olive oil. This unsaturated oil will help keep you healthy on the inside.  With a little sheer indulgence, you can help keep your outside (skin) supple and moist by gently massaging a little of the oil onto the skin at night.

Be part of this re-invention of age old culture, look to nature, to be your best, forget the rest….who needs jars of expensive beauty products to keep us healthy inside and out..Our policy is:  “If you can’t eat it, why put it on your body?”…..Think about it…!

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Living in the clouds with deep roots in the earth!

All my life I have had the fortune of being loquacious..smile…talk a lot!  Now with the opportunity of the internet I have the possibility to talk forever! AAHH..some of you run and hide?  Ok I understand….why have I created this web site? and why are you reading it?  You suppose I have something to say? something to sell? You are right, but I also want to listen.

In my life I have done many things. I have had many things done to me.

I have travelled round the world and back.

I have worked on Television, Films, in theatres, night clubs, The civil service, the Natural Health Industry, Fashion Industry, Body Care Product Manufacturing.

I have ran Keep fit competitions, ballet classes, aerobic classes, fitness and well being sessions.

I am qualified in Classical Ballet, Jazz ballet, Modern dance, Aromatherapy, Reflexology, Champissage,  Deep tissue massage, Councilling, lifestyle ..and of course body awareness…how to lose/gain/maintain an ideal weight for you.

I would like to write about everything! Perhaps that’s my problem! Over active mind, I need to focus, one thing at a time. Right now, we are in the process of launching ‘Our Palazzo Italiano.’ Antique Organic Olive Oil. In the near future we hope to be able to extend this opportunity to you, allowing you to be part of the process of producing this exquisite organic olive oil. We will continue to write about our progress and hope you enjoy it with us. If you have any questions or comments please e mail us and we will try to respond as soon as possible.   Smile…life is worth while.

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